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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon. we begive this morning -- this -- we begin this morning, this noon hour, with a massive early- morning fire that took hours to put out. it snarled the commute, especially for muni riders.
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>> the fire happened at the squat and gobble neighborhood. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: more than 100 firefighters battled the stubborn flames for more than four hours. >> the fire was hard to find. they put out what they saw. it was far ahead of us before we got here, in the walls, the attic. >> reporter: crews got the call about flames shooting out of the squat and gobble restaurant. it's located across the street from the west portal tunnel. >> we did a surround and drown. it was unaif so be in there. >> reporter: the fire spread to a dental office, a salon. >> it's a little bit of a panic. we're not gonna be able to work right now. we'll have to find a place locally. >> reporter: the restaurant owner was out of town.
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his brother called them tell him one of the squat and gobbles had -- called him to tell him that one of the squat and gobbles had gone up in flames. >> reporter: and much of west portal was shut down. these businesses will not be able to open in quite sometime. there's upwards in $4 million. the fire blocked through muni lines for hours. >> it's really frustrating. >> reporter: two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. spoke inhalation and elva lated carbon monoxide levels. luckily -- em la vateed vate -- el la vateed carbon monoxide levels -- elevated carbon monoxide levels. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up in 10 minutes the major fire in the south bay. it was dangerous to fight not only because of the flames but
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also because of what was inside of that house. much of the bay area woke up to light rain and cloudy skies. let's take you outside to emeryville. you can see the gray skies are still there. it's clearing in a few places across the bay area. rosemary will be here in just a few minutes. police in san jose investigating the most recent homicide. officers detained a witness and one other person but have not made any arrests. the victim was shot and killed on rogers avenue. a motive is still not clear. this marks san jose's 32nd homicide of the year. grief counselors are on hand at james logan high school after a teacher's body was found. investigators found christopher ryan's body a ravine, not far from where his abandoned car was discovered.
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an autopsy is now schedule ryan's cause of death. several rewards are being offered for a missing mother from hollister who went missing on wednesday after dropping her children off at school. her suv was found in flames. that's a concern for friends an family and police. anyone with information is being asked to call hollister police. vallejo police have arrested three people in connection a home-invasion robbery. police surrounded the house and then a -- alerted neighbors before ordering the three suspects to come out. >> they told us to get back in the house, the other side. house, you know, to stay away from the windows and stuff like
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that. they didn't know if they were gonna fire on them or what. >> investigators say it appears the suspect selected that home randomly. they are being held on robbery and kidnapping charges. it's a first for california, it concerns the park on the presidio parkway. new at noon, details on this public private partnership about to get underway. david stevenson is live in san francisco near the golden gate bridge with details on the new phase of the presidio parkway. darn said? >> -- david >> reporter: just about an hour ago, house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, joined caltrans and other state and official locals to kick off the final phase of the presidio parkway. beginning next month, phase will will begin to remove
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and replace the parkway. the second phase of the project will construct a new bridge, it will construct new main post tunnels, a new battery tunnel and a new interchange at gerard road. >> we will connect the main post of the presidio to chrissy need and isn't that wonderful? our workers will gain more jobs our economy will grow. >> reporter: this animation of thepry sid grow parkway shows the final result of 016, the day for completion. this phase of the project which begins next month we're told shouldn't result in doe lays for motorist. caltran promises pedestrians will have a better view of the
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golden gate bring. coming up at 5:00, i will have the political side of this project. back to you. >> thank you. >> david. turning to election news, both presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after their running mates went head to head in their only debate. mitt romney is campaigning in virginia. weiss given paul ryan a great review. ryan took time out today to have breakfast with his family in kentucky. he and governor romney will campaign together in ohio tonight. well, some recally right after the debate showed people who are split over who they think came on top. a cnn survey found paul right the winner. 48% to -- ryan the winner. 48% to 45%.
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a cbs poll found that both candidates made solid impressions but most of those thought the debate was a win for vice president biden. the third survey thought boyden one 50% and -- biden one, 50% and then 31. sandra endo is live in kentucky with more. >> reporter: the day after pundits are debating the debate. >> joe biden is passionate about these issues. he also pointed out how bad this plan of theirs would be for the democrats. >> reporter: joe biden and paul ryan presented starkly divisions for the country. >> 23 million americans are struggling for work today.
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15% of americans are living in poverty today. this is not what a real recovery looks like. >> and they are holding hostage the middle-class tax cut because they say we won't pass, we won't continue the middle- class tax cut unless you give the tax cut for the super- wealthy. >> reporter: after president obama's lackluster debate last week, some feel joe biden was on the attack. >> that's a bunch of malarky. >> because he doesn't have a record that is defendable, he keeps to raise his voice. >> any time the right is going after you on stop wins, you know you've won the argument. >> reporter: despite biden's strong performance it may not be enough to erase president obama's weak performance in denver. the real test will be when the candidates square off next
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week. reporting from danville, kentucky. i'm sandra endo. a fire destroys a home in san jose. we'll tell you you why the flames weren't the only concern for neighbors. >> and it's another cool, gray die outside. rosemary says a change is coming. she's gonna tell you when and where. >> it's just ban remarkable change -- been a remarkable change. and a trip to the suisun bay. x@ñññé
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the retired space shuttle "endeavour" is taking a break from its snail's pace journey to its new permanent home in l.a. it left the hangar overnight and is on its way to los angeles. but it's stopped in a parking lot because the carrier has to be widened for the next farther of the trip. there it is, a live picture of the shuttle. you can see a big crowd gathering up to get a close look. it will be there for nine hours. give you a couple of stats on that. that subtle 170,000 pounds and on the carrier that has 160 wheels to get it to where it needs to go. >> it should hit the road tonight. it's going to go at a whopping
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2 miles an hour. it is not expected to reach the museum until 9:00 tomorrow night. well, in san jose, fire investigators try to determine what caused a fire that sent two people to the hospital. firefighters were up against especially tough challenges as they put out the flames. >> reporter: for a next door neighbor, the sounds caused the most concern. >> i heard, pop, pop, pop. i thought it was the windows breaking. the firefighter said maybe you better not be in the area of the ammunition. >> the biggest issue, when that ammunition went off, the shall casing will become a projectile. >> reporter: firefighters said it was too dangerous to go inside the home, because of the ammunition, the unstable structure and the huge flames. so they use what they call the surround and drown strategy. neighbors watched as flames reached up above the tops of
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the electric poles. >> the first time i saw it, my heart stopped. but the smoke was scary, too. >> reporter: two people living at the home were taken wipe ambulance with one suffering from second-degree burns. >> i am just going around, going -- see if he comes at us somewhere. >> reporter: firefighters say they are investigating the cause but they say it does not appear to be suspicious. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a few hours before that west portal fire in san francisco we told but earlier, firefighters fought another fire. that one was reported on fair avenue near mission street. we got a look inside one of the burned units. investigators tell us the fire started on a rather stairwell. no one was hurt and arson investigators were called to the scene.
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a two-alarm fire ripped through the house on mill valley. someone who lives a the home suffered minor injuries in the fire. and it took about 40 minutes for crews to get that fire under control. well, ray lahood is in the east bay today checking on the progress of a massive cleanup project. he visited the fleet in benicia a few hours ago along with state and local officials an they toured that site. the fleets, all in the process of being scrapped and recycled. >> we set an ambitious goal of removing 2 of these ships in three years. the ones that presented the greatest risk to the environment. today, i'm thrilled to tell you we've surpassed that goal. we've removed 36 vessels so far. >> over the years, experts say more than 20 tons of heavy metal has leaked from the fleet into the bay.
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well, california -- corrections officials has a deadline. the state has been given to june to reduce the prison population by 33,000. that could detail a money savings money. prison officials say it would put them over the court-imposed cap. some of you may have felt 29.3 earthquake this morning t was sent red three miles -- morning. it was centered three miles from danville. it is decision day around major league baseball but the paths have been set for our bay area teams and only one is moving on. >> they are coming out to salute their fans. >> the as did not win game five of their playoffs.
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despite the 6-0 loss, the fans gave the team a standing ovation. >> you just can't be too disappointed about it based on what they did this year. it so was so magical. most of those players will be back. >> posey, deep left field. that's way back and a grand slam for buster posey! >> his grand slam gave the giants a big lead over the cincinnati red in game five of their decision -- deciding game yesterday. the giants move on to the national league championship series. but the giants do not know who they are gog play. in washington beats st. louis
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tonight, the national league series start there on thursday. but if st. louis win, the series starts in san francisco on sunday. you can watch the entire n.l.c.s. on ktvu. the winner goes to the world series. happy friday to you. it's a mostly cloudy, cool noon hour around the bay. we will continue to see our temperatures on the cool side for your friday afternoon. giving you a live look over the city of san francisco p.m. the light rain purring off to the east but you can see for yourself an abundant amount of moisture. storm tracker 2 show you all of the cloud cover that remains. the westerly breeze, it's a light one, it will stay with us for today with the mostly cloudy skies breaking away to partly cloudy for am of us. but for the north bay, a mix of sun and clouds will continue for the second half of the afternoon into the evening hours as the second system
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riding over northern california may actually -- it -- 58 in concord right now. 62 in hayward. these numbers a lot like what we felt yesterday. just as cool as yesterday within a few degrees of what we had on thursday. your satellite radar there. finally pushing off to the east. taking with it that last bit of rain. this could brush parts of the north bay. outside of that we're looking at a cool, cloudy okay day. here's friday afternoon for you as we progress through the afternoon. the clouds won't go away altogether but we'll see bigger breaks to the south and the east and over parts of the bay. so partly cloudy, to partly cloudy expected for the afternoon. the light rain pulling out of here. this next system will sweep across the area by tonight leaving in the hospital of -- leaving in the possibility of moisture.
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we're on to this and on our way to better weather for the weekend. 66 in novato. 65 for san rafael. off to the east bay, 63 in oakland for the afternoon. 68 in pleasanton. these afternoon highs a lot like yesterday. 6 in redd -- in redwood city. upper fifths to low 50s -- upper 50s to low 60s and mid- to upper expects for the inland area. low 60s across the coastline with partly cloudy skies. >> even hope you were -- everyone i was with yesterday. they were like, refully maybe we'll get a break. the lake tahoe area had its first snowfall of the season. we want to show you the photos.
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look. there is enough snow to make a snowman. a storm is expected to warm up there. welling ktvu is honoring an east bay woman for her work in the community. we featured charlie bowen here on the noon news last week on berkeley's walking path. she's been working for the past ten years to complete the berkeley path network. and last night she and two other volunteers were awarded. she got a check fore$10,000 for her -- for $10,000 for her work on this. get read yesterday to pay more for postage.
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there is a look at your big board at this hour. dow's down slightly. really has gone back and forth. there's been good news on the markets. consumers' sentiment has been better than it has been in five years. it looks like we'll close down all three major indexes poised to close maybe down 2%. the noble committee award -- the nobel committee awarded the entire prize to the
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european union. the award comes as a surprise to some since the eu is wrestling with its biggest financial crisis in its 62 history. >> starting in january, it will cost you more to mail a first- class letter or postcard. it's going up to 46 cents. postcards will go up to 33 cents. but if you have the forever stamps, those will be good even after the increase even if you only paid 45 cents for them. leon panetta says the u.s. is facing a cyber-pearl harbor took, saying the attacks on the -- saying the attacks on the saudi oil company affected more
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than 30,000 computers. well, federal safety computers are investigating brick problems in the honda suv. -- break problems in the honda pilot in the 2005 model. the brakes can come on without being pressed. coming up at 5:00, howard jordan makes a major announcement of misconduct allegations. hear what officers are facing. well, that's go -- that's gonna do it for us here. thanks for joining us. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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